Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition is the name of the game. You can work your butt off in the gym but if you don’t eat for your goals you’ll never reach them. The good news is nutrition isn’t complicated. After our initial discussion about your goals, current eating habits, and your lifestyle I will be able to tell you exactly what you need to eat to reach your goals.

With major food companies putting profits before people and the white noise of misinformation about what constitutes a “healthy” diet, it is often confusing. I have worked with countless individuals and families who think they are eating healthy but are in a vicious cycle of weight gain. It also doesn’t help that every week there is some new celebrity endorsed fad diet that claims to get you bikini ready in 3 days or some ridiculous claims. The food industry preys on people’s ignorance and many in the fitness and supplement industry prey on people’s need for immediate gratification with little to no effort on their part. Unfortunately, there is no magic pill, potion, or program that will turn you into Kate Upton overnight.

Being truly healthy starts in the kitchen. You need to nourish your body with high quality nutritious and minimally processed foods. Most of the things you will find on the supermarket shelves aren’t food, they are food like products. These concoctions do not exist in nature. As a rule of thumb, if your great grandparents wouldn’t recognize something as food don’t eat it.
I would love to help you cut through the BS and get your nutrition program in line with your goals. I will NOT be giving you a diet. A diet signified a predetermined amount of time. When people go off their diets they gain the weight back and some.I will give you the tools to adopt healthy nutritional changes that last a lifetime so your results will last a lifetime too.

After our initial consultation and discussion on your nutritional needs I will work with my team of Registered Dietitians to put together easy to follow meal plans complete with grocery shopping lists so you’ll be prepared for success!
What’s Included:

● Skype or Phone Consultation with Mike Kneuer, CPT, CES, FAS, FNS
● Meal plans specific to your needs designed by Registered Dietitians.
● 24/7 access to customized nutrition programs on your Smartphone or computer based on your preferences and goals.
● Ability to track your nutrition, interact with Mike, and get custom shopping lists all on the iPersonal Train Online app.
● Printable shopping lists and meal plans.
● Reminders and accountability check-ins to keep you motivated and on track.
● Syncs with MyFitnessPal.
● Email support within 24 hours from
● Facebook Support Group to provide motivation and answers to frequently asked questions.
● Optional weekly Skype Check In’s with Mike (Additional)

Professional Nutrition Coaching at only $200/Month
(That’s less than 2 in person sessions with Mike)

(Due to the high amount of time committed to each online coaching client I unfortunately cannot help everyone. I have very limited availability and only work with those who are committed, ready to change, and most importantly have a positive attitude.)